100 days?! Sheesh!
It is our first whole week of summer vacation! I used an exclamation point there but my head is thinking-umm what does that even mean-summer vacation?! I guess it means transitioning into another new season that looks and feels a whole lot like the last one -without virtual meetings because I rejected the extended  school year On Logan’s iep-because we need summer!! So we are currently on day 2 of home school summer school-trying to stay on top of all those aquired  skills so Logan doesn’t lose them. In the meantime I have bribed Christopher and Evan to do 30 minutes of math and 30 minutes of reading a day-judge me if you must but it breaks up the day and we don’t even know how long summer is this year! It also appears that our new normal is Kenny being gone for 72 hours every time he goes to work. Way back when-this was my nightmare-but these days I say,  get it done! Work when you’re

at work and be home when you’re on your days off!

Today was a fabulous beach day with friends followed by ice cream for dinner. Evan was my walking buddy this morning and it was a hot one but we are getting our steps in!

Be well.