It freaking snowed today. Snow! It’s May! And then the sun came out and it snowed a bit more. So basically it was a pretty blah kind of day, but ya know what? I can dig it. I read, did some laundry, made some food, read some more, kickboxed, watched tv, and colored. The boys all kind of did their own thing, I think content to just play with their toys after another week of distance learning down. We got take out tonight which was a nice break after Kenny’s 72 on, then somehow the night ended with pie in the face gone crazy and there may or may not have been a small indoor water fight. 13945094-FA70-4DBE-BB0E-66FAE2AE88B4But today our family of 5 was all here under the same roof, all healthy and thankful even if there was freaking snow in May! And soon, very soon, we will have some fresh, home grown strawberries.