I have been struggling in the mornings but today, after a few rough days, I finally woke up before the kids and got some time alone with the Lord. Oh, how I needed that. I needed to start my day bringing him all of my praise, all of my yuck, all of my screw ups, all of prayers, all of me. And oh how I needed to sit in his presence, read his word, and just be still in his presence. What a crazy difference it made in my day.

It’s weird how every day is different but it is all kind of the same. Thank you google for telling us it was Thursday because when Christopher doubted me, I doubted myself, I truly thought, heck, he’s right, it totally could be Wednesday, but I am pretty sure yesterday was Wednesday but maybe it was Tuesday… And then when he asked if he could have his apple pie for breakfast, well I couldn’t think of one good reason why not. His apple pie that he made 100% from scratch was healthier than most of the stuff he’s been eating. I legit imagined a pop tart in my mind and thought apple pie is better-apples, pie crust, honey… I even handed him some whipped cream!

Because after school curriculars today looked like burping lessons and I was not the teacher. Hubby got held at work and it was a busier day for us trying to squeeze school work in between Logan’s 2 goto meetings, but I felt better equipped for it all after making that special time this morning.

Logan got his baking lesson in today and did an excellent job. I’m not sure where these little sugar addicts came from… Certainly not from me! Good thing we are staying active. I decided to relive the 90’s today and do a tae-bo workout while my oldest laughed at me cause in his eyes I’m already not cool and now I look a fool! We ended our day with breakfast for dinner, an after dinner walk, a smorgasbord of desserts, and an impromptu movie night, why? Why not!

Be well.