What can I even say about today? It was long, it was short, I’m pretty sure my people are still yelling at each other at 9:33 pm while I hide in the basement and attempt productivity. There were laughs, there were frustrations(I think we got through today without tears), there were not so nice words, there was kindness, there was love, there was a whole freaking smorgasbord of emotions as today seems like yesterday and will be similar to tomorrow! I’m learning a crap load about myself as a human being, as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher. I’m learning a lot about my kids as well. What makes them tick, what makes them explode, reading when they are playing me, what motivates them, what they love, what they hate, what they want to spend time on and what they don’t, their learning styles, their sense of humor, their craziness. Oh man, it’s a lot to think about, it’s a lot to manage, we are just getting by.

But in all of the crazy, we are making it through. Last week I decided to give our weeks themes so we have something to focus on, something to learn about, something to grow in. Last week our theme was love, this week our theme is obedience. Truth be told, I enjoyed love a lot more! But today, today’s lesson(which was poorly planned) came out pretty awesome. Christopher and Evan picked recipes they wanted to make, and the lesson here was to follow the directions-obey-if you will. Now this was poorly planned by me in a few ways-thinking everyone could make one thing(fail-they wanted to make their own), thinking we could do all of that baking in the same day(fail-2/3), and finally, I am like the queen of substitutions and not following recipes! But in all of these “fails” we got the most delicious batch of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and a beautiful apple pie.