Happy May the 4th Be With You day! I can’t believe I lived so much of my life not liking Star Wars! This is gunna get so nerdy, but today was my one year anniversary of loving Star Wars. Last May 4th Logan was recovering from surgery, there was little that we could do(kind of like now) and as we flipped through the channels we discovered a Star Wars marathon on TV. If you know my kids, and if you know me, you know that I don’t leave the TV on for background noise or to casually glance over to watch because the TV is like a magnet to my kids, it doesn’t matter what’s on it, they are mesmerized! So when Star Wars went on, our monopoly game went down the tubes. Hours later, we watched The Force Awakens and I declared out loud my new found love. The plot, the backstory, the characters, their history, all of it intricately woven together… I guess that’s the writer in me. I was blown away when all of a sudden this series of movies that I always rolled my eyes at suddenly made sense. I was so excited to be able to finally discuss it with my kids(2/3 anyway, 1 is not a fan). So today, between GoTo meetings and after a very small amount of school work, the 3 of us parked it in front of Disney Plus and indulged ourselves in Star Wars. It was a good day.

Be well & may the force be with you!