Woke up this morning to the cat nagging, the sun shining, and energy to spare. I felt like I was in that song from Tangled where Rapunzel talks about all the things she does before 7:15am. I did not start that early, but I gotta say I felt pretty accomplished before 10am today and the best feeling was that it was by choice and not a bunch of  items on my to do list that needed to get done today.

I’ve been noticing people complaining about the stay at home order, reading about protests, etc. This whole pandemic, it’s hard! We have never been through this before, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves sometimes. Maybe go read a book or go for a walk or start a new hobby that you never had time for before. Get some food from your favorite restaurant, call an old friend to check in. When I see  everyone on the front lines working their butts off to keep us safe and then hear about people who have lost loved ones… I just think, those of us that can stay home, we don’t have it so bad! WE CAN DO THIS!

Well, I better go rest up before Star Wars Day!

Be well.