FE633F32-BC88-4B6F-A065-E11D7CF4B730Today we found out that school in Massachusetts is closed for the remainder of the year. I have so many emotions today. I knew it was coming, I think most of us did. But it did not prepare me for the way I would feel when the announcement was made. I’m glad my kids are home, I’m glad they are safe at home. But a part of me mourns the things that are being missed. Milestones, rites of passage, not necessarily for my kids so much as all those high school seniors out there. I am sad for my teacher friends who are heart broken and missing their students.

For my kids the initial reaction was cheers. Then, later, it sank in deep and it hit them what it means that school is closed. For all of them. For my oldest who was enjoying his first year of middle school, engaged and challenged in ways that just didn’t happen for him at the elementary level. For my middle, when he realized he wouldn’t have his 4th grade teacher again. And for my youngest, the sadness for him was overwhelming and we ended up having an “early release” followed by hugs and snuggles.

I don’t know what happens next, nobody but God does. But as we wait for this surge to end, it has become even more apparent to me that it is no longer a waiting game to see when life will start to resume. We are living life now, just living it differently. So, I guess I feel like I can finally settle down at home, I can finally breathe and let go of wondering what is to come, and just hunker down with my people, thanking God that we are all safe and healthy.

Be well.