Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! Thursday, feels like Friday, could be any day of the week at this point! Is anyone else out there feeling like the first two weeks were kinda stressful but it was ok because we were starting something new and it was just for a few weeks, and now that we are in the third week, anything goes, just stay in the house and away from people! I let a child stand on a bench and dance at dinner. Jimmy Fallon at home edition was a good choice for a family show before bed. Kid 3 trying to break kid one was no big deal because no one was crying and kid 1 throwing kid three over his back and carrying him by the ankles was only addressed with a, “don’t hold him upside down too long.” But we totally got this and it will be ok(I am pep talking myself right now).

I have forgotten to update the progress I’ve made on my cd collection. I finished up soundtracks over the weekend(Alladin, Wizard of Oz, Breakfast Club, Prince of Egypt) and have since moved on to female pop singers: Vanessa Carlton, Mandy Moore, Mariah Carey, and Jessica Simpson so far. Mariah has been the best so far and I can’t believe I don’t own any Whitney, although if I move on to cassettes next, she will be there. I realize as I move on to boy bands soon that I may lose some readers over my musical choices, but I sure hope not. We can agree to disagree!

Be well!