Happy April Fools Day. My prank failed on kid 1 and kid 2 as they failed to walk into the press and seal wrap I left on their door frames. I thought for sure Evan would walk in to it and I had my doubts with Christopher. Evan whipped it off and Christopher ducked. Meanwhile I had to lock a cat in the bedroom after he jumped up and  yanked it down so he wouldn’t spoil my fun. A very anticlimactic morning in our house!

With at least a whole month left of being at home and doing school at home, I made it my mission today to find a lost cord for hubby’s laptop to make homeschool time a bit easier. If it is in this house, it is probably in our bedroom, and so it began… CAN OF WORMS! And I only worked on the bare minimum on my nightstand and shelves. Wait did I say I was looking for a cord? Oh, yes, translated that means, TEAR THE ROOM APART, and why wouldn’t I, we have all the time in the world right now. But as I looked through the knick knack memorabilia and realized that the things that once held such sentimental value I either no longer remember why I have it or it is just collecting dust, I began to take inventory in my brain and in my space about what really needed to still be out on display, what could go in the trash, what could go in the donate box, and what I could put in a memory box in the basement. It is crazy the things we hold on to. I showed Christopher and Evan the baby bottles from my baby shower and then the ribbon bouquet from my wedding shower, all of which collected much dust in the last 12-13 years and Christopher looked at me and said, “And you call me a hoarder? You have a paper plate of ribbons and bows from your wedding shower!” Ouch! Truth hurts.  As I uncovered more and more stuff, I thought, darn, maybe I am a hoarder! But let me tell you, when this virus passes, I hope to have an organized house and nothing on my to do list besides being present with my people.

By the way, I haven’t found that cord yet…

Be well!