Sunday silver linings and what I had time for today

We didn’t have to go to church without Kenny while he’s at the station, we moved church to tomorrow when he is home.

It may have taken a pandemic to slow us down, but so many of us are using that “extra” time to do things we have wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t had the time/haven’t made the time for. Today, I finished a craft project I’ve been working on for months as a gift for a niece.

Personal handheld devices plus Disney plus meant everyone could watch a movie they wanted to watch and I could watch a Hallmark movie while riding my bike in the basement, a beautiful break.

The Backstreet Boys on TV- I Want It That Way… Enough said.

Time for kids to be kids and play with their toys.

Time to clean the bathrooms and wash the sheets and disinfect surfaces.

Time to have my kids call their grandpa, just to say hi.

Time to read a book.

Time to play monopoly jr, yahtzee, and loopin chewie.

Time for cousins to play charades on Marco Polo.

Time for long baths.

Time for a dinner time cooking lesson.

Time to replace those batteries that Evan has been asking me to replace for weeks.

Time to stay up late and watch shows together.

Time to not rush.

Time to just be.

Be well.