Today I am thankful for the weekend. I am thankful to remove my teacher hat and just be mom. I am thankful for being home with my kids and being safe and healthy. I am thankful for hands on learning and having the time to look at Logan and say, “You make the pancakes today.” I’m thankful for the sunshine, walks around the block, and working in the dirt. I’m thankful for the awesome feeling of accomplishment after finishing a task. I’m thankful that my kids are all getting along(for now). I’m thankful for technology to stay connected to family and friends both near and far. I’m thankful for a drive by visit by a friend and her son. I’m thankful for the smile on Evan’s face when he got to see his friend from the front door. I’m thankful that I could lay in bed and read a book. I’m thankful that in the middle of the afternoon I could put on a show that I wanted to watch that my kids enjoy too. I’m thankful that Christopher and Evan can bike together. I’m thankful that my kids have each other. I’m thankful that Kenny is home safe after a 36 hour shift before starting the next 24 in the morning. I’m thankful for community and that neighbors have time to say hello and have a conversation(from afar). I’m thankful that I’m not to busy or preoccupied that when I think of someone and wonder how they are doing, I can send them a text or call them right in that moment. I’m thankful for friends who have called me just to say hi. I’m thankful for Kenny’s job. I’m thankful for family dinners. I’m thankful for family prayers. I’m thankful that my kids are in bed and my love is home. This weekend I will focus on being thankful, how about you?

Be well.