Today was not a perfect day, but it was pretty good. I’m learning to re-train my brain. I’m pretty good at letting one thing ruin my day, and I could have done that today. But no, not today, why? There is no place to run and hide! So if a child, or two or three has an attitude or a meltdown, we just have to move on when it’s over!

Kenny came home from his overtime shift this morning and went to bed for a few hours, I don’t know how he sleeps after coffee, I can barely sleep after water. The boys and I did school for about an hour and then we were very blessed to be part of The Front Steps Project. A group of photographers are going around our town and photographing families from at least 6 feet away on their front steps. I love the pictures and am so thankful for these photos!

Later on, thanks to my mother in law, we took the boys to a local ice cream shop(with a walk up window) for giant milk shakes for lunch.  When we got back Kenny cleaned up the shed to make room for Christopher’s new bike(officially bigger than mine) and then had his nap part two. I can’t nap during the day, but I admire people who can. Sometimes I border on jealous of people who can. I just can’t do it. So after I finished school with the boys and completed my bucket list, I grabbed my cd player, the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack and headed outside to get my bucket list started. Now that the weather seems to be getting nicer out, one of the things that I say I want to do every year is work on our yard and learn about gardening. Of course I can never find the time to do it, so now seems like a great time to start cleaning up some flower beds and cleaning up along the tree line between our house and the neighbors house. I got my gloves, some sheers, a shovel, and a bucket and cleaned all the leaves out of our hydrangea bush that is starting to bud. I also weeded the entire bed. I spent about two hours in the sun, in the dirt, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to moving on to the next section tomorrow.

Ya kmow what else I liked today, and every day for the last 11 days? Unrushed(but not uninterrupted) conversations. Conversations with my husband, with my kids, with friends, both near and far. I’m usually a texting kind of girl, but these days, a conversation, hearing a friends voice, is comforting, lovely, and timely.

The best part of my day though was a drama free family dinner. Seriously. I kid you not. We had CONVERSATIONS at the dinner table. This is so rare that I am in awe of it. I’m just going to leave it at that.

What was the highlight of your day? What is on your Corona Virus/Quarantine Bucket List?

Be well!

My Bucket List

Learn to play chess

Scrapbook our last two vacations

Clean up our tree line

Make a rock garden

Plant seeds

Finish my hook rug

Write a children’s book

Work on Illustrations for my book