Just another day of social distancing here. We got our school work done and took a few walks around the block. Kenny worked overtime today. This is such a strange time. I used to pray for his safety and protection in case of a fire and these days a fire is the last thing on my mind while it is still #1 in the job title. We watched the news last night and heard about a fire department that has quarantined 17 fire fighters. I can’t even imagine that in our small town and small department. But I know that everyone is doing everything possible to keep our fire fighters and all other essential workers safe and I’m thanking God for that every day.

Our daily schedule, while flexible, is really good for keeping us on track and it brings me back to the infant, toddler, preschool years a bit when I had 3 under 4 at home. We needed a schedule, I needed a schedule. Even now, we work to get as much done before 3(or even 2 if possible) and then I give them all of their screen time in one lump sum. It reminds me of nap time when they were little. Break for them, break for me. Now screen time is break for them, break for me and I try to take full advantage of that big chunk of time. Today I was able to use those 90 minutes to do my bible study and then chat with a few friends on the phone and fold laundry. While I was on the phone this afternoon, Christopher came to the top of the basement stairs to tell me that Governor Baker said that Massachusetts schools wouldn’t be going back until May 4th. I was like, um what? I mean honestly, deep down I knew there was no way school would be back in session in two weeks, but perhaps I was feeling like a glass half full kinda girl today, or maybe a little bit of denial going on. I got the best text messages and voicemails following that announcement about school, oh how my friends and my husband made me laugh; 1- I heard about school and you’re not answering, are you on the roof? Do you need help? 2- Oohh nooo May 4. 3- School closed until May?! 4- Do you need more wine? Oh those gave me such a good laugh! I’m so thankful for my friends and family from a distance!

The next 5 weeks are going to continue to be different. Somedays are going to be hard, some are going to be harder, but still some are going to be refreshing and life giving. Sometimes all we can do is the next thing and if that is the best you have to give, then do it. We got this. Hang in there!

Challenge- Make a Corona Virus Bucket List with me. List things you want to do-clean out a closet, write a book, read a book, learn to pogo stick, make a scrap book, build something, etc. I would love it if you shared your ideas in the comments or on my face book post.

PS- Still on Soundtracks- the last few days have included Coyote Ugly, You Drive Me Crazy, Empire Records, and Can’t Hardly Wait(but I had to shut that one off-not appropriate around young ears!)