Saturday, I’m going to call it my reset day, the first of many Saturdays with a fresh perspective. I’m not going to lie or sugar coat anything. I usually don’t do Saturdays well. Maybe it is the high expectation I have, that after a full week of school, everyone will sleep in a bit, do what they are told when they are told, and we will have some glorious family time together skipping through meadows of flowers while the sun shines above us and butterflies dance all around us. I just re-read that. That sounds ridiculous and absurd, but hey, that’s me,  I love Hallmark movies so there you have it. Anywho- my usual Saturday falls short of that beautiful fantasy. Evan and Logan wake up super early and play together until they hate each other. Christopher would like nothing more than to sleep until noon and do nothing that I planned because, well, he’s almost a teenager. This is without fail-every Saturday. By noon, I am usually lamenting that I hate Saturdays. Strangely enough, because life is strange these days, my Saturday was kind of wonderful. Evan woke up super early coughing again so he moved himself to the couch and put the tv on. Logan slept in a bit and when he woke up he played quietly in his room. I let Christopher sleep until 11 because he has honestly been a good sport about getting up by 9 every morning to do family devotions and then spend the morning doing his work independently. I rolled out of bed shortly before 9 after reading for a little while and I was dreadfully tired from staying up late to watch Jimmy Fallon again(he’s just so funny!)

After breakfast Evan and I finished our game of monopoly(I lost miserably)and listened to Bon Jovi, I played checkers with Logan, did some cleaning, did some cooking, pulled a bin of Lego out of the shed so we could work on some creations from a really cool Lego library book, got 2/3 boys out for a walk around the block and just had some chill time. Since it is Saturday, we are treating the weekend like a weekend and the only work they needed to do was their chores and practice their instruments. I honestly got a little bored this afternoon and called my hubby at work-to say-I’m bored. At that point I felt like laying on the couch and doing nothing even though I wanted to do something, anything. But instead, I got up and steam cleaned the floors. I know, exciting right? But I got tired of looking at the yuck and dirt on them and always saying to myself, “I’ll get to it later.” Well I guess it’s later. And speaking of later-we have at least  2 more weeks of this so I am going to make myself a list of boredom busters.

A good boredom buster and stress reliever(at least for me) is cooking and baking and with all this free time, it just feels so freeing to let loose in the kitchen, making a yummy meal or a last minute desert without the normal rushing around. After dinner tonight, Evan and Christopher played basketball for a bit and Logan and I took a walk around the block. Our neighbor came out to play basketball and I really struggled with that. I let them play ball for a few minutes and then called my kids in way earlier than I normally would have, drenched them in hand sanitizer and let them watch some shows. The stress built up a bit when they were outside so when I got them in, I decided to bake some banana bread and I made two kinds of pop tarts for them to have while we watch church in our pajamas in the morning.

I hope you all had a nice Saturday and that in the midst of crazy, you are getting a reset on your life in a positive direction.