The sun came out today! I had my mind set on a short day of work and a field trip. Creativity was key today. Evan is hooked on making card houses, Christopher got his five pounds of rubber bands and 10,000 toothpicks in the mail today(stay tuned), and Logan’s idea for making a Leprechaun trap really took off in a fun direction(a day late, I know). Even Rocky(our naughty cat) got into the creative mode when he walked through the palate of acrylic paints and ran all over the basement leaving his red and green footprints behind him.

After spending the morning on school work I got down on my hands and knees and begged my people to leave the house and go for a walk/bike ride/ scooter. You see, my kids aren’t scared to leave the house because of Corona, their introverted selves get so comfortable being home that they want to stay in their pjs all day and play Lego, read books and watch screens. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pj days, but after yesterdays wrestling matches, I was ready to get out of the house. And get out of the house we did. 4 of us went for a lovely walk/bike/scooter through the woods at a local park. It was fantastical, I enjoyed every second of fresh air. And my people need fresh air-it takes away their urge to try to kill each other which is great.

After dinner tonight we watched the 3rd Sandlot movie. Did you know there are 3? Let’s be serious-nothing beats the original. We ended our evening with books and another round of hiding and jumping out to make a brother scream like a girl. Even the biggest guy got in on the game and gave Christopher a good scare. Today wasn’t all laughs and fun, we certainly had our moments-but the best moments were those fun ones. Even though Kenny is off to work in the morning, I’m looking forward to more comical times tomorrow. Be well everyone!