Today was day 2 of homeschool, that’s Logan’s(8) first sentence in his journal tonight, and probably Evan’s(10), and Christopher’s(12) too. My brain is fried, like flat out mush, so that’s all I got. Good night!

Just kidding. Yes, today was day 2. It was fine. I still remain super thankful for all the teachers out there. I’m super duper redonkulousy thankful for the awesome teachers who sent work home and are checking in on my kids(you know who you are!!) People, I’m going to preach for a moment, ready? HOMESCHOOL IS NO JOKE! Seriously. We got a good amount of work done today. I’m trying to run a tight ship around here(a pirate ship, ARRR-I have an eye patch but by day 3 I may need some whiskey-joking-totally joking-maybe). Listen, I have 3 kids who are total introverts at school, not at home school, away from me-physically at school-introverts. But alas- they are at homeschool and it is a challenge-the personalities are out!. I know for a fact that my youngest is not laying on the floor at school crying that he has to make a correction. And I know that he doesn’t sit in tech and have a full meltdown when his computer glitches. I know that they don’t walk the hallways at school yelling idiot at their brother, and the game of the day today which only works at homeschool is hiding behind any place they can to jump out and scare the living daylights out of each other(but don’t do it by the basement stairs-that makes mom and dad YELL).

These boys have been inside since Sunday for the most part. Logan has gotten out a few times. I took him out today by bribery, telling him he could run around the block himself and I would time him(they love getting timed). The energy and the stir crazy came out full force today. Before we even started devotions this morning I had assigned my first detention. My child, who shall remain nameless, asked what that meant and I told him that he would find out(because I had no idea what it was going to be-I later decided it should be unloading the dishwasher-win for me!) By the time the first block of free play rolled around-Lego play went out the window and the WWE rolled into my house at 10:15 am. The house was shaking, the boys were shrieking like little girls, and I didn’t care. Once I was sure Logan had his splint on, I declared carry on. I was thankful that they were all playing together which hasn’t happened in quite awhile.

After lunch when the next block of free play rolled around and they commenced Tuesday afternoon raw, I stood in the hallway calling to see their faces for a hot minute. I said, “everyone look at me, do not hurt each other. If you get an injury that requires stitches or fixing a bone, we are not going to the ER so mom’s going to have to sew you up at home.” Their faces showed half disgust and half prove it. Oh boys, I’m ready, so don’t test me! I was finally able to transition out of wrestling and into jenga, dominoes and card houses-thank the Lord!

The afternoon was a lot quieter with the assistance of mine craft and other things such as that. How cool is it that so many websites are offering free content. We got to watch Mo Willems on youtube give some drawing tutorials and Logan doodled right along with him and we also watched Fiona the hippopotamus from the Cincinnati Zoo.

I hear the sun is going to come out tomorrow. My hubby is home and I’m looking forward to social distancing out in nature somewhere. Take a deep breath my friends and get a good night of sleep before day 3!