Life As A Fire Wife

Truth for Tuesday

Well, I did it. Here I am and earlier today than yesterday. I have to be out of the house earlier today to volunteer at my youngest son's school for a few hours so I had to decide if I... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings

Happy Monday blog world. The sky is just starting to lighten and I imagine that the sun is creeping up on the horizon. It is a new week and a new season. As hard as it is to say goodbye... Continue Reading →


Spring. It is spring. Though it was a chilly morning, once I got in the sunshine, I felt more alive than I have in weeks. I thank God today for a new season, for the earth and its creatures awakening... Continue Reading →

A Thursday Thought

"A little Consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference," Eeyore Selfish-lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with ones own personal profit or pleasure. (Definition from Oxford Languages) This week I have been working on a different blog... Continue Reading →

Voices Part 2

Hello friends, family, and blog readers. I'm back on again today, trying real hard to honor my writing schedule. It is not easy. So many things tug at my time, showering and eating for instance, but since I chose to... Continue Reading →

Voices-Part 1

Happy Tuesday. In my notebook this read Happy Monday, but alas, I didn't get this done yesterday, so here it is. I hope you are all able to find something joyful about this day that is before you and if... Continue Reading →

A Dream Fulfilled

Life lately has been full of ups and downs and twists and turns. Some days I have laughed at the surprises and some days I have mourned them. Today‚Äôs surprise though was nothing short of spectacular in my book! I... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Anxiety

Nobody likes to talk about anxiety. Nobody likes to admit to having flaws, especially not those of the mental kind. Despite knowing more about mental health in this day and age than ever before, there still seems to be a... Continue Reading →

Why I Gave Up Social Media For Christmas

Happy New Year to my family, friends, and faithful readers. I hope that you all enjoyed a peaceful and beautiful holiday season and I hope that you were able to be present in each moment. In my last blog, I... Continue Reading →

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