Life As A Fire Wife

Monday Musings and a Poem or 3

I'm holding on to a hope that I will not have to drive anyone anywhere this morning. I'm holding on to a hope that everyone will make their respective busses and all will go right in my writing recliner this... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Facts and a Haiku

I'm going to circle back to an old one because my brain is running on empty after a bad night of sleep. God is faithful. God is faithful through every even if. He sent his one and only son to... Continue Reading →

Thursday Thoughts and a poem

Sometimes, you just need another 30 minutes of sleep. Sometimes you can't do life without it. I had to give it thought this morning as I didn't make it to bed on time last night. Will I be able to... Continue Reading →

Words for Wednesday and a Poem

My morning did not go smoothly or quietly or uninterrupted again. It was interrupted many times and needed to end early and abruptly, but I was up and I showed up and I’m going to keep trying. Space Invaders is... Continue Reading →

Truth for Tuesday & Poetry

Truth for Tuesday-some things are out of your control... I like control! I really like control. But when one of my teenagers missed the bus and I hadn't finished my morning writing time, I thought, "well some days are like... Continue Reading →

Monday’s Musings-Poetry

Another Monday. Another week. Another month. Another new beginning. Another chance to start something new or create a new habit. After much thought, I decided to take the weekend off and that if a project inspired me, I would work... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Facts

Yesterday turned into somewhat of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I let it. I let the weight of the world weigh heavy on my shoulders. I let things that don't concern me consume my mind. I let... Continue Reading →

Thursday Thoughts

This morning, I was full of excuses in my mind. It's dark, I'm tired, I was so busy yesterday that I should stay in bed and sleep a little longer, I wrote twice yesterday so I should skip today and... Continue Reading →

Words for Wednesday

Day 3. It was hard to get up today. I almost talked myself into pressing snooze. But I didn't. Yesterday I hit a wall a little earlier and still had a little driving around to do. I made it though!... Continue Reading →

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