Life As A Fire Wife

Happy Birthday Teenager

I preface this post by saying that I originally wrote this on September 10, 2020 when we had a teenager in the house for the first time. Today, oh boy, today we have two teenagers. Since these two boys couldn't... Continue Reading →

Summer Birthday, Fire Life

Over the years, we have adapted to celebrating holidays differently when Kenny's shift falls on it. This summer we are doing that for birthdays. He hasn't missed many birthdays, thankfully, so this year we just chose to celebrate differently. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Fire Life, Summer Life

Fire life in the summertime in a beach side town that runs an ambulance is never boring, at least in my view from home. Boredom is never really the issue, it's always more of a longing. Longing for him to... Continue Reading →

Pup Days 2

April is living her best life with Archie as her temporary live in companion. Luckily for us, he has been a great house guest. After three nights, this is what I now know… Pup sleepovers are like kid sleepovers except... Continue Reading →

Pup Days

My pup is having her best friend Archie sleep over until Sunday. Therefore I feel compelled to share cute pup pics until then. The good thing about two pups in the house is that they entertain each other. My girl,... Continue Reading →

July 4th Gratitude

One thing that I have learned and continue to work on is self-care. Hubby just got home last night after 60 hours on shift and even though it was a long few days, I got my butt out of bed... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

Like all things, even vacation must come to an end. We finished out our week with lots of pool time, dog beach, and a trip to West Palm to see Titi and Tio. April tried to befriend Prince, we snorkeled... Continue Reading →

Adventure Fail

For Father’s Day we got my dad a trip on a deep sea fishing boat. Another fun adventure right? Well it turns out that 1/5 of my family doesn’t suffer from seasickness and I am not the 1. 10 of... Continue Reading →


Nature in Florida is such a crazy thing when you aren’t used to it. There are lizards everywhere, the birds are really unique and awesome(for birds that is), the landscape is a beautiful shade of green, and the clouds look... Continue Reading →

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