Life As A Fire Wife

Advantages to Being Short in a World Not Made for Short People

1-The bottom of my pants may get wet in the rain but I’m the last to feel the rain. 2-Staying on the theme of clothes, my pants may be too long but it is easier to hem pants, skirt, dresses... Continue Reading →

This World is Not Made For Short People

"This world is not made for short people," was the thought that crossed my mind as I climbed into my rental car this afternoon. Kenny looked at me and asked if the car was ok. I shrugged and told him... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Gotta Write

A poem to end writer's block... I wish my creative time was earlier in the day Retraining my brain is met with much dismay As I rub the sleep from my eyes, "I need more time," my body cries But... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Saturday

My pillow and blanket are in the car and my coffee is sitting exactly where I left it on the keurig at home, an hour away from today’s basketball games. I dragged my butt out the door today and it... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

It's been a busy few weeks here. Covid has gone through my house again knocking two down this time, but it looks like we are in the clear now. I've thought about blogging and writing every day, but for the... Continue Reading →

Rolling with the Unexpected

Do you know what really messes up a to do list? The unexpected. The unexpected just pops up. It's never invited. It's presence can really take your day in a different direction, positive or negative. There's no way to plan... Continue Reading →

Less is More

Last week I looked at my to do list and felt like a failure. I had put so many things on it, got a few things done on Monday, and that was pretty much it for the week. It was... Continue Reading →

A Kitchen Kind of Day

Some days life throws you a curve first thing in the morning and you have to make a choice of how you’re going to handle it. My 40 year old brain turned to mush and felt incapable of handling anything... Continue Reading →

More Than a Fire Wife

When I started this blog years ago, I thought "Life as a Fire Wife," sounded cute, catchy, it rhymes, and would be a good place to share about our crazy fire family life. I read a blog a few months... Continue Reading →

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