Control. I’ve written about control before. I like control. Do you know what you can’t control? Other people. I also couldn’t control where my dog chose to poop this morning which was unfortunate. There are so many things we can’t control. So why do we keep trying to take control? Maybe it gives us a sense of security? Maybe we feel like if we can’t do something, no one else can or that no one can do it as good as me so I’ll just do it myself. Or maybe, just maybe, we think so highly of ourselves that we believe that we know what is best for everyone and we don’t trust those around us to make decisions that are in their best interests. Does any of this resonate with you? I’m not pointing fingers, believe me. Because when I think about the things I try to take control of, any one of these maybe’s can apply. So, what do we do with this control? First thing that comes to mind, is a song coursing through my veins, it goes a little something like this, “Let it go, let it go.” Because what is right for me, isn’t right for everyone. The things I like to do, aren’t things that everyone likes to do. The food I eat, the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, the way I live my life… Control is what I need to let go of today, it is not serving me well. What I can hold on to and cling to is the word of God. It is always true and never changing or failing. What I can’t control, I can hand over to the Lord and let it go. I can trust that if it is in His will, he will take care of it. Great is Thy faithfulness.