Last night I attended our elementary school’s talent show. It was the first one since pre-Covid days. How great it is to do things like we did before Covid again. I think we all appreciate things a little more now than we did before when everything was so routine, at least I hope we do. I sat in awe of these kids in grades 3-5 who went up on that stage and performed. I would never have as a child and would say with confidence that even as an adult, I probably still wouldn’t. It was so cool though to see the different skills, gifts, and talents of these kids. God has created us all uniquely and that was on display as I watched singers, dancers, comedians, tumbling routines, and more. It was an evening that blessed me tremendously.

The kid who left me in awe the most is my own, Logan, so I will brag on him for a moment. While he did not perform a talent, he sat at the front of the room, in front of an audience, as a judge. As a member of the student council he got to hand out programs at the door and then come in to judge. I am just so proud of how far he has come in these 11 years. My Thursday Thought for today is that we should never limit ourselves to what we can do or what we think others can do because of who we are, who we were, what we have done, what we have thought in the past or what others have thought about us in the past. When we work hard and have support we may not be able to accomplish everything, but we can do great things. I’m so glad that Logan’s learning disabilities and dyspraxia have not limited him. He realizes this year that he is different than other kids. He has asked about his IEP and his special education for the first time this year. I’m not sure if he realizes that he has to work harder than his peers to do what they do or if he just does it without thought. It doesn’t go unnoticed in my eyes though. If someone would have asked me 5 years ago about Logan’s future, I’m not sure what I would have said. But today, I can say with confidence, that if he continues to work hard, I think he can do anything. ANYTHING! I’m so blessed to get to watch him grow.

Day 14-A Forgive Poem

There is freedom

in forgiveness

for the forgiver

and the forgiven

even if one doesn’t

ask to be forgiven

or if the other doesn’t

verbally forgive

There is freedom in forgiveness

to let go and

move on

instead of being

bound by the past,

a slave to the faults

of others or even the

faults of our own

There is freedom

in forgiveness