I awoke this morning lamenting about my day yesterday. Christmas is coming. Instead of getting lost in the joy of the season, yesterday I got lost in the panic of wondering if I would get it all done and the fear of not having enough. In my fixer mind I contemplated ways to make it all better, right now. When I woke up this morning, a peace washed over me like a wave and I wrote this poem to remind myself where my focus should be, where my eyes should be fixed. This poem is not to preach to you, but perhaps you are having similar feelings and can relate or maybe someone else needs to hear this. This poem is for me. But I would like to share it with you.


Why are you crying?

Why are you so sad?

A savior’s been born

we should rejoice and be glad.

Why are you rushing?

Why do you feel so stressed?

A savior’s been born,

in his birth we are blessed.

Born in a manger,

lowly and humble,

People all around complain and they grumble.

They say there’s not enough money,

spending every last dime

and then they lament, they are

running out of time.

A savior’s been born

bringing peace on earth.

God’s plan for salvation,

in Jesus birth.

Christmas is hard

for many it’s true,

for those grieving loved ones

in losses old or new.

And for those who are without

and can’t buy any presents

Christmas can feel more than unpleasant.

But in all of our sadness

whatever the reason,

it doesn’t change the meaning

of the Christmas season.

A savior’s been born,

bringing peace on earth.

God’s plan for salvation

in Jesus birth.