It’s been a busy few weeks here. Covid has gone through my house again knocking two down this time, but it looks like we are in the clear now. I’ve thought about blogging and writing every day, but for the last week I’ve been struggling with some writer’s block. So instead of writing I have been working on editing and doing work on other projects that are already in motion as my brain is lacking in the creative department currently. To my faithful readers, can I ask your help? Can you suggest any blog topics to get my brain up and running again?

On another note, I am super excited to share that I will have two pieces published on Her View From Home in November! I will keep you posted as the release date approaches and I hope you will all be able to check it out. In preparation for submitting to Her View From Home and hopefully other publications as well, my awesome friend Lauren took headshots for me. I’m so awkward and an introvert to boot, which most of you know. One of the reasons I love writing is because it is a behind the scenes kind of job and not a spotlight job. I love taking pictures with friends and my family, but by myself, yikes! Past all of my awkward, Lauren did a beautiful job and I am so incredibly thankful. The past few months has challenged me as a writer. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone time and again to embrace this path that I am on. And time and again God has shown me where to keep going and also where I’ve hit dead ends. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Thank you to my faithful readers- family, friends, and strangers too.