Some days life throws you a curve first thing in the morning and you have to make a choice of how you’re going to handle it. My 40 year old brain turned to mush and felt incapable of handling anything so it felt like a good day to read a good book and cook. My problem though or maybe it’s my super power is that sometimes when I get in the kitchen, my best intentions snowball and I’m like the mouse in “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Because sometimes I have kitchen OCD and when I start to make one thing it makes me think of another and another and another, like this… I had quinoa so I made quinoa cakes, quinoa muffins, quinoa muffin tops so I could make whoopie pies because I had leftover filling in the fridge, quinoa salad and since I sliced an onion why not use it for potato salad from the potato’s from the quinoa cakes and since I boiled eggs to go in the potato salad then I should probably make egg salad as well. And even though sauce and hot cocoa mix have no correlation to the above mentioned items, I made them anyway. So I may have had a rough start to the day but I know that no matter what tomorrow brings, one thing is for sure-I don’t have to cook!