For Father’s Day we got my dad a trip on a deep sea fishing boat. Another fun adventure right? Well it turns out that 1/5 of my family doesn’t suffer from seasickness and I am not the 1. 10 of us went, half of us were fine. It was like paying to go to the movies and then sleeping through it, except with vomiting. I couldn’t imagine if the water was actually rough, because I heard it was pretty calm, I disagree. When we finally docked, I woke up sticking to a cold, hard bench with life preservers stowed inside. Worst bed ever, but apparently good enough for the few hours that I couldn’t move. Needless to say, yesterdays adventure did not find us a new hobby, well 4 of us anyway. The beauty that I found in all the yuck was how we cared for one another. What I do for my kids and nieces and nephew is simply loving and mothering. What they did for me in return was priceless. My nephew Jed trying to talk to me and distract me from feeling sick, my niece Ella coming into the cabin to check on me, Logan rubbing my back as I was getting sick, and Evan taking my sick bags when we docked. So even though it was not the ideal day in all of our eyes, it was still pretty, um interesting and if nothing else, leave us with a funny memory, as Joey Tribiani once said, ”vomiting stories are funny.”

Of course the line I thought of would be from my favorite Friends episode of all time.