I’m always in such a rush. It feels like in this life we are just rushing from one thing to the next. Our schedules fill up so fast that we live in chains hour by hour seeing if we can squeeze more things in. Today, I was gifted time. Time, I didn’t know I would have free. A whole day’s worth of time in fact. A whole day that I was supposed to be out of the house, doing, suddenly at my disposal with the great responsibility to use it wisely. I could get many things done or I could get no things done. It was up to me and me alone. Maybe sometimes using your time wisely means going for a dog walk with a friend. Maybe it means doing that 1 task that you’ve lacked time or want to do. Maybe it means walking your dog down to the beach(but not on the beach) with a journal, pen, and a good book to just sit on a bench and enjoy life for an hour. Free time doesn’t always have to mean going and doing. It can mean sitting, resting, being. It can mean gardening, creating, working out. Of course it can also mean tearing your house apart and gutting and purging every room, by all means, if that satisfies you, then do it. All I’m saying here is finding something to do, that you enjoy is PRICELESS!

With the whole world in such a rush, it makes me wonder, why is it that we basically train our minds to focus on the future of, “I will do that someday,” or “I will do that when I retire.” Why can’t we all just relax a bit now, in the present, in your 40s, 20s, 50s, 30s, whatever age you are. I have written before that we are not promised tomorrow. Not everyone lives to see retirement. While growing old may seem, well, sad, for lack of a better word, I read some words years ago that have stuck with me, the saying went something like this, “Do not take for granted growing old, many are denied the privilege.” Can you see why this stuck with me? What are we waiting for? Live your best life now, not someday. Take the walk, read the book, clean the house, all in it’s time. I won’t get another day like this for awhile with summer vacation fast approaching, not a whole day anyway, or maybe I will, after all today’s day off wasn’t planned. Whether you have a whole day or just an hour, how will you use it best for you?