Some days, a brain needs quiet. Some days a brain needs a break. It’s best to give your brain, your mind, your body, your soul what it needs before it demands it. Today I am content to sit with my notebook and gel pen, my lap top, my blanket, and a book, and take a break from the world. Before I know it, 3 o’clock will roll around with all of the hustle and bustle that an afternoon brings-homework, karate, a run, making dinner… Until then, this is me, in my soul space, getting my soul rest.

Day 7- An Abundance Poem

Sometimes I have an abundance of thoughts in my brain

So many, it feels like a freight train

Shaking and rattling on all of the tracks

Thoughts are not something my brain ever lacks

But content, quiet, peace, and calm are what I strive for

I feel the desire deep in my core

But in my abundance I am also very blessed

In all of my busy, crazy, beautiful mess.

Day 10-A Taste Poem



Melt in your mouth




Feels good

Tastes good


Day 12- A Counting or Not Counting Poem

I can count the number of hours until I see you again

But time will only feel slower as I wait until then

I can count my breaths or the times my heart beats in a minute

Every person has their limits

I can’t count the number of hairs on my head or every tear I’ve watch you cry

One day you’ll take flight like an eagle and into the world you will fly

Who can count moments of a life well lived

Don’t hold onto regrets, move on, and forgive

Who wants to go on counting day after day

When you can live your best life today