Some of you have been asking how my new writing schedule is going. I’m happy to say that it has been going really well! Some days I can get hours of writing in while others I just don’t have time. But all in all I’m learning to roll with it. I try to take my notebook with me whenever I go out so I can use whatever time I might be gifted with if I have to wait for someone somewhere(karate waiting room, outside of basketball practice or rock climbing practice) or I use the notepad in my phone if I need to catch a thought before it runs away. For instance, right now I’m blogging this on my phone while I sit in the car and wait for Christopher to be done getting his haircut. I have also been trying to broaden my scope of writing and have recently done a short story, a humorous poem, and a non fiction piece. I had a lot of fun writing fiction and I hope to do more of that soon! The hardest part continues to be finding time and making time, though the more I write, the more time I want to devote to writing, so that part is getting easier. The other struggle is the pup, she wants all of my attention and pouts when she doesn’t get it, sometimes by lying her head on the keyboard. She really has grown on me though, maybe she will be a character in my next story! Whatever you are passionate about today, I encourage you to make time to do it. I would love to hear about it, so please comment below!