Do you recall, the part in, ”Oh The Places You Will Go” By Dr Seuss, when it talks about waiting around for a train to go or the snow to snow, waiting around for a yes or no, everyone is just waiting? That is how I feel as we wait for our Covid test results-but you know what? I’m ok with it. I mean waiting is not my favorite thing in the world, and I’m not very good at it-but in a moment like this-what other choice do I have? Sure-our immediate future hangs in the balance and we can’t plan life beyond these results-but I suppose somewhere in all of this is the simple Christmas season I was thinking of(minus the Covid quarantine). And no matter how this all plays out, I know there will be blessings in all of this mess.

In the meantime, as we wait, I got cute dog walks, cats being cats, and a flashback of homeschool life.