As I strive daily to live in the moment and find joy in the simple things-I loved everything that this weekend was filled with, having my nephew sleep over, a 5k race with my hubby and my teenager, watching Evan play in 4 basketball games, bringing back family movie night with the Karate Kid 2 for my karate kid Logan, enjoying some hangout time with my nieces and watching silly cousins be silly together. So often I take these moments for granted. So often I just want quiet and neat and orderly. So often I just want my way. But these days I’m trying to be more flexible. I’m trying to focus more on relationships. I’m trying to focus more on the moments. Even when the moments suck(like Friday). They are still moments I’ll never get back and someday I may look back and laugh. Because no matter how tough some days are-while I still have breath in my body-each day, each moment is a gift.