So-it’s raining again… Shocker right? I don’t care. It was supposed to rain all day and now it is just starting. We have had two full days with no daytime rain. I have seen the sun and felt it against my skin. I’m feeling slightly more human after yesterdays day at the beach and todays many, “I gotta take the pup out before it rains again” walks. I. Can. Breathe. Again.

Pretty crazy-but the rain started the day that my family arrived for a visit about two weeks ago-from Florida-bless their hearts. I broke out my sweaters, leggings, and sweatpants for my sister and niece. They had to shop winter attire for everyone else. We are beyond thrilled to have my family back on the east coast-so happy that we have seen them twice in 4 months after years of not seeing each other. Though it rained and poured and even stormed some days, and though it put a damper(literally) on most of the plans I had made-it really didn’t matter all that much-as we all enjoyed good quality time with one another. My kids adore their cousins and they had fun playing mario kart, basketball, watching movies, hiking purgatory chasm, jumping at sky zone, watching fireworks and just being silly. Personally, I loved having my house full and cooking and serving everyone.

My family of introverts did well with our visiting family of extroverts. Sometimes I would notice that someone was missing and I’d find they retreated to a quiet place for a bit and I was proud they could withdraw for a short time as to not get overwhelmed. But even my introverts held their own in a cousin talent show- so much talent in this family-mostly the ability to make others laugh! We had a standup comic, singers, and dancers.

It’s funny that with some family and friends, there can be great passages of time between seeing each other-but it doesn’t matter. It is a beautiful gift that God has given us to have family and friendships that withstand time and distance. As an aunt to many nieces and nephews-it is bizarre to me that I first became an aunt when I was 18 and now I’m nearing 40 and these little ones are not so little anymore as they are entering adulthood-but while I was still a kid-I held them as babies! I’m excited to plan more vacations to see my family and to have our kids grow up together.