What do you do when a regular shift week turns into 96 straight? I guess you grab those lemons and make some lemonade. What other choice is there? We all process our disappointment differently and I am so thankful I have found a place where I have boundaries in place now where I’m not trying to be all for everyone. Logan desperately wanted to go to the beach today, but I had to look at him and tell him that I just couldn’t swing that today. And as I manned the grill solo for a youth gathering we were hosting tonight, I tucked away my disappointment and did my best to tackle the task at hand. Lemonade is so much sweeter than lemons and I’m so thankful for the sermon at church this morning from Genesis 4 reminding me that sin ruins relationships. Because when I get overwhelmed-my people usually get the brunt of it-but there is always a better way. I’m thankful in all of the chaos and all of the messy and all of the unplanned that I kept my eyes focused on my savior.