The day to day fire life is different. The day to day fire life in COVID times is… ummm… different? That doesn’t quite seem like the right word. I don’t know if there is even one word to sum up what fire life in COVID times is like. We have had our share of working holidays. We have opened presents Christmas Eve, celebrated Thanksgiving separately, etc-but all of those holidays celebrated differently were planned. We knew months, even a year in advance that we would not be together. This year we looked at the calendar and made appropriate COVID style plans. We knew this year would be different-no doubt-but we also knew we were going to be together. Until we weren’t. Cause in COVID times-things happen-schedules change-flexibility is a necessity. On Sunday, I looked at my hubby and said out loud, “you’re not coming home this week.” And for the next 12ish hours I sat in self pity. I think we both did. All of a sudden, there was no light in sight and all we could see was the darkness of a shift that had no end in sight. Monday I got up and I prayed. I prayed that I would not try to predict the future, that I would live in today and not wonder or worry for tomorrow, that I would speak and breathe life into this situation, that I would take these lemons that we were dealt and make lemonade. I gave my day to the Lord and he carried me through. The first overtime shift came that afternoon, we rolled with it. Tuesday was his shift. That is life. Tuesday he said, Thursday is not looking good. I know. I know. And as I talked to my kids about it all I could think to say was, “Covid’s not fair, COVID don’t care.” Today is Wednesday and I’ll admit-it’s not easy. We all have our little disappointments. And as Evan and I checked out at Trader Joe’s this afternoon with the most un-thanksgiving basket-in fact it looked more like a cinco de Mayo celebration-of course I longed for the Norman Rockwell picture of the holiday. But despite all of the yuck-we are so blessed. Sure-he’s not home for Thanksgiving Day but God willing he will be home Friday and we can have our day together. In the meantime-we can keep making lemonade-and if things just suck-that’s ok too. It won’t be like this forever. There is hope. There is joy. There is love. Happy Thanksgiving to you-whenever and however you will be celebrating this year.