Today is a 2 for 1 deal. I wanted to blog yesterday but in trying to practice a Sabbath the most practical way that I can(no social media on Sundays) in our current phase of life -I just couldn’t commit more time to a screen-so alas, here I am tonight.

Our first “field trip” was scheduled for tomorrow-on travel Tuesday-for 1 reason-it is a day that the five of us can be together. So when Kenny scheduled an appointment for mid day Tuesday, we made an adjustment to our day and our destination. Yesterday we visited Heritage Museum and Gardens. This place on Cape Cod is like a botanical gardens and fun museums all wrapped into one. The grounds are huge, 100 acres I believe. We got to explore an automobile museum, an art gallery, a toy museum, an outdoor discovery area, a labyrinth, a maze, and take in gorgeous scenery. We spent the whole day outside, nature as our classroom again. We are so blessed to live near so many awesome sites! The boys all enjoyed the cars in the automobile museum. We learned about President Taft’s car and a bit about Henry Ford. I don’t think I have ever toured a labyrinth before-it was really neat to follow the carefully made path and to read the history of it-it is not a maze! The flowers and the trees were beautiful and I forgot to mention, the biggest draw to go there was to see the LEGO display of butterflies, spiders, bees, birds and more scattered throughout the grounds. So even though yesterday was Sunday-I am counting it as a homeschool day!

Today was our first Monday of homeschool, I guess it will be our first full week(that’s the goal anyway). We had a good morning and we actually got a lot done. Evan and Logan completed a lot of work and I worked on a book wall to keep track of the books we read(we are readers-I love that so much!)

I think my boys are adjusting quite well to homeschool life thus far. I am working on my schedule and trying to figure out timing to do me. Logan needs a lot of one on one with his learning disabilities. It is not easy-but I guess it is a work in progress-after all-it’s not like we have ever done this before!

I hope you are all staying healthy. All of my teacher friends are in my prayers-you all rock!❤️