It’s been nearly a week since I last blogged and I have missed it a lot actually-crazy how doing something 114 days straight became such a habit. Before my benadryl kicks in-I wanted to share a bit about what’s been filling my time since I stopped counting days.

Last week I began writing poems again. It felt so good to write something besides what I did all day. I have been reading-a lot! And have actually read several great books recently and now just getting started on the 7th grade list. I began a more intense workout schedule last week and have been thoroughly enjoying my leisurely walks everyday as well as some interval training(except for days 2-5 last week when everything hurt and I was dying because I ran sprints Monday and raced my ten year old-every -body -part -hurt!). The thing I have been enjoying most though is time with hubby-because although he’s still working a buttload(yeah-I said that)-we are being intentional about our time together-whether it be going for a walk or sitting on the deck.

I feel the Benadryl starting to take effect now. I got bit by some nasty jerk bug that has made my calf and ankle blow up while also feeling like it’s on fire and hot to the touch while also being itchy(but not as itchy as a mosquito bite). It feels much better than yesterday when it actually hurt to walk and either needed it in the ocean(which felt amazingly numbing) or covered in wet sand(my own personal spa treatment). I must go to bed now before the drowsiness overtakes me. I hope and pray that you are all well.