5 days, 120 hours straight. That’s a new record here. A record I hope we don’t have to revisit anytime soon. It was a long and hard week-but-We have amazing kids. Sure-we had our moments-like when I’m the mean mom who won’t let her kid do anything-to which I respond-“I let you do plenty-but if you want to play it that way-I can definitely show you what it’s like to do nothing!” Or when I’m told that I didn’t say something that I know for a fact I said. These are just

moments. But then there was everything in between. The snuggles, the movies, the games of catch and Yahtzee, the stories, the fireworks. The last 120 hours were hard and lonely-but I am thankful that hubby comes home tomorrow. I am thankful that we all have each other. In my quiet time this morning-I was reminded that God’s grace is sufficient for me. That When I am weak, then I am strong-not from my own strength but from His. This fire life is hard-but God is providing me with strength and endurance-I just need to ask and to lean into Him.

Be well.