Almost 48 hours down, only another 48 or 72 to go…

On this thankful Thursday I’m thankful for beach days with the best of friends. We met about 11 years ago-right after we both lost our moms to cancer. Since then, we have laughed together and cried together, grieved together, raising our kids together, loved each other’s kids, concerts together, Countless girls nights together, many meals at wahlburgers together, crazy workouts together, camped together, and had many beach days together. Today was a perfect day with my dear friend. We went to the beach with our kids, soaked in the sunshine, chatted(mostly uninterrupted) looked for sea glass, floated around(well-she did) and then got wahlburgers for dinner. Our kids climbed rocks and swam together-just like they have every year since we have known each other. I am so thankful for my friend-she has been an encourager, a shoulder to cry on, a comforter, a role model, and prayer warrior. I can’t imagine these last 11 years without her in it and I know no matter what the next 11 years brings-I’ll be happy to walk life alongside her and her awesome family. NKOTB 2021❤️

Be well.EA29D207-FA80-4542-889E-B01A4DAA5FA5