To my hubby on Father’s Day-

Would you ever-EVER-in a million years thought that 19 years ago when we met that we would be where we are now? Life has truly been a rollercoaster-meeting at 19-we have grown up together. It hasn’t always been easy, but the one thought that I had today was that even though you are gone a lot-I know- that when we need you-you would drop everything-you would drop all things-to be here for us. Often times I find myself playing my part and yours when you are gone for days at a time- but then you are here and you fill places in our boys hearts that I could never do. Where they can still climb all over you-they would crush me. There new-ish love of watching sports and listening to sports radio-I zone out on. They are little reflections of you-each in their own way-Christopher is t

all and handsome like you. Evan has your personality, your sports buddy and landscaping partner. Logan is just a mini version of you-  and I know we both have such hope for his future just by knowing all that you over came.  I hope and pray that today and every day- that you feel respected, loved, and cherished. I pray that you know how much you mean to our boys. I love you always. Happy Father’s Day❤️