To my child who wants to grow up too fast…

Stop! Slow down. You are going to be 13 in just a few months and life is going to get strange and complicated. Your priorities will change. Your friends will change. Your body will change. It will seem like everything in the world is changing-but I will be right here(God willing). I will be here when you want nothing to do with me. I will be here when you have great success. I will be here when you screw up. I will be here for broken hearts.
Life is about to start zipping on by and the road is going to get bumpy. You are closer to your childhood being over now than when you were born-and once it’s gone-you can’t get it back-so please stop wishing it away. Hold on to your creativity and your innocence. Hold on to those hobbies that light a fire under you. Hold on tight-because the world will throw distractions and curveballs at you. Don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget whose you are. Make good choices. Make mistakes-more importantly-learn from those mistakes. And when you are ready to grow up, remember, you should work to live and not live to work-cliche I know-but find a job that you enjoy and live within your means. Climb those trees, play with those monkeys, draw some cartoons. Whatever you choose to do-work at it as you work for God and not human masters. And most importantly-love. Love your family, love your friends, love your neighbor as yourself. In the meantime, Enjoy your childhood-even though it seems a little funky right now with this whole Corona thing-but ride your bike, climb those trees, explore the beach, play with your brothers, hang out with your parents once in awhile…. Even though I can now rest my head on your shoulder, I will always look at you and see my baby.60C87F47-DC7C-495D-8C7D-A7B05C9C5295