Here I am, staring down another 48 before I close my eyes on this 24. Something I wanted to reflect on yesterday that slipped my mind last night was how typically- this would have been our busy weekend. I don’t love busy. But this would have been one of my favorites. Christopher would have spent hours on Saturday at rehearsal for his gymnastics show. Sunday morning, we would have all gotten up early and watchEd Kenny get dressed in his Class As for Firefighters Memorial Sunday and then I would have driven to the cemetery with the boys and stood on the grass near the other fire families, boys around me as we would have watched Kenny and his fellow firefighters march up to the top of the hill, stand in line and listen to the chief and others speak about the fire service until they read the list of names of past firefighters who are no longer with us, read the fireman’s prayer, and rang the bell signifying the last call and then the bag pipes would be played and I would wipe tears from my eyes that began with the fireman’s prayer and continued through the bell and the bagpipes. A beautiful, emotion filled ceremony every single year. After, we would drive to the fire house and the boys would eat donuts until I said no more and climb the fire pole with the other fire kids. Then we would go home for a quick lunch before going to Christopher’s gymnastics show and watching the amazing talent that God gifted him with. I don’t relish in busy, but man did I miss the busy that this weekend would have been. Kenny still went to the firehouse dressed in his Class As, but we couldn’t go with him and that was sad. But hopefully, next year, will be different. And hopefully next year, we will have a greater appreciation for the traditions that hold a special place in our hearts.IMG_0465