Though I wavered back and forth this morning, I finally convinced myself to pack us up for a few hours at the beach. Getting everyone ready and packed is a lot, but when I stepped onto the beach for the first time this season, even though it wasn’t ideal beach weather, it was well worth it. The tide was out and we had lots of space.

This evening we got to witness a beautiful event. We watched the Hull High Senior Class of 2020 in a parade. We clapped as they drove by, and despite the fact that I don’t know any of them besides some of their names, I was choked up by this event. These kids have finished high school and don’t get the typical experience, but so many people in our community have stepped up to make sure that these young adults are celebrated and recognized in other ways. In 2000 I got to go to my senior prom, walk across the stage and get my diploma, 20 years later we are in a pandemic. Life is crazy. But we make the most of it don’t we? This is surely not what these kids would have chosen, but they will have memories to share with future generations one day that will be like no other. Congrats to the class of 2020.

Be well.