Today I realized that for me, doing school at home is my limit. Don’t hear me wrong, it is going well. I am blessed to have 2 independent workers. But while I have 2 independent workers I have 1 on an iep, 1 who needs 1:1 through most assignments, 1 who needs reminders, and corrections, 1 who is the biggest love, 1 who has to work twice as hard and as long as the “average child” to get his work done, 1 who gets frustrated and sad when he messes up, 1 who fatigues easily and needs breaks, 1 who has a learning disability and a motor disorder. I love this opportunity to do school at home with him, love the time spent with him, love to see him succeed. But school at home is my limit and that’s ok. I tried to do zoom the first few weeks, but it’s hard, it takes so much effort. And I’m learning, as an introvert, I would much rather talk with one friend on the phone than sit behind a screen with 6 or more people, that’s just not my jam. So if I’m not “showing up” for the extra, it’s because I’m spent, in a good way. To all the special needs parents out there, keep going, you got this.

Be well.