Today was a little wacky. It was one of those days that required flexibility. I could barely get out of bed this morning but I was pumped for our Friday “early release.” That plan fell out of my hands when the arborists showed up in our yard ready to take 3 trees out. I stood on the deck in my slippers and asked, “are you taking our trees down today?” “I left a message with your husband,” he said. Clearly he did not get it and neither did I. School dismissed boys, we are watching the trees get chopped down and writing in our journals about it. We got the history lesson behind the phrase, “Timber!” We watched the process from start to finish. It was pretty cool.

A couple of weeks ago Evan discovered a nest in the evergreen that got chopped down today. Last week we found a small baby blue egg on the ground and then 3 very tiny baby birds, 2 fighting for their lives, 1 dead. We ended up scooping up the birds and returning them to their nests, hoping mama would return to help her babies. So before the tree guys began I pleadingly looked at them and said, there’s a nest in there with babies in it and mama has been hanging around too. They graciously and gently removed the nest and re-homed it. I was sad to see the babies did not survive, but excited to see 3 new eggs. Poor mama, as of a few hours ago had not located her eggs yet. We watched her fly back and forth across the yard throughout the day. I’ve never been a fan of birds but I apparently have a new hobby and could not take my eyes off of mama telling her where her nest was and pointing frantically on more than one occasion, but alas, she did not understand me.

Now as we look at our yard, it looks so bare. I could see the sky this evening, something I didn’t realize I couldn’t see well before. It is exciting to think about what we can do with this new space. It was also a little sad. That 25 foot evergreen was one of the reasons I fell in love with our house. It reminded me of where I grew up, this one evergreen in our beach side town. When I looked out the kitchen window, I always looked at the evergreen. That tree helped me pick the color of our kitchen when we bought our house. It is the end of another chapter. A big change.  But lately as the wind storms have gotten wilder, we had gotten increasingly worried that this tree would fall. I’m thankful that we don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Be well.