6DC676A2-C8A3-4461-ABE5-7ABD5B6B44CDOne thing I have really come to enjoy in the last 47 days of staying at home is that I finally have time to do projects I have been wanting to do for a long time or just the time to do some household chores that seemed so time consuming and overwhelming before that now seem like no more than a drop in the bucket. I was so excited this morning to see my seeds sprouting and growing. It was nice to sit and watch shows this afternoon with the boys without feeling like I needed to rush to the next thing. It was enjoyable to make a healthy dinner for my family. It was lovely to take a walk after dinner. And it was relaxing to watch a movie with my family after our walk. These moments, these little moments, all add up. They add up to a smile, an answered prayer, a full heart, a contented soul.