I have always loved music. I’m not a musical person, I can’t carry a tune, never learned to play an instrument beyond a recorder(and you all know how that goes), but I have always connected deeply with it. I feel it in my soul. It has made me smile, it has made me cry. It has brought me back 5, 10, 30 years… I just love it. Tonight we watched the Disney Sing A Long, and really I had no intention of watching it. Evan and Christopher at 10 and 12 have been pretty resistant to most things lately, and I knew Logan would happily agree to anything, he’s such a mommy’s boy, so when everyone said they wanted to watch, I snuggled up with my hubby and put it on. I loved hearing all my favorites from the Disney movies I grew up with: Alladin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast. These were the songs of my childhood right along with Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, The Beach Boys, and Frankie Valli. It was a feel good hour out of this day. An hour of encouragement, an hour of sweet memories, an hour of simplicity and Disney magic.

Be well.