Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a lovely day celebrating with their families. As I said previously, we celebrated our Easter as a family yesterday. And although we had our family time(not without hiccups) yesterday, it doesn’t make any of us feel less empty today. Empty is a harsh word, but it does make you feel funny when the rest of the world is celebrating a holiday on a certain day and you are not. My kids felt it too, wishing dad was home today. The extra added quarantine/social distancing thing did a number on my kids too, missing the tradition of celebrating with their grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Try as I may, I can’t fix it and I can’t explain it-this time in our lives is so confusing-for all of us. So I tried to just treat today like a regular day-except I got to throw sugar and chocolate at our problems. For instance, I wanted to go for a walk and there was a baseball bat fight in the backyard so I grabbed a bag of jelly beans and said-come walk with me-they did. We played 5000, Scrabble, pitched some wiffle balls, watched one of our favorite shows, nothing is normal these days, but I think that’s not all that bad. I do miss our friends and our family. But I don’t miss rushing through our days. I don’t miss feeling like there is never enough time. I don’t miss saying, maybe later. I don’t miss the balancing act and chaos. Although at times I felt empty today, I have so much to be thankful for, and in these days of our new normal, it is ok to feel empty sometimes. The thing I am most thankful for as I go to bed tonight, is that the tomb was empty. We celebrate Easter because the tomb was empty. He is risen! He is risen indeed! And He did it for us. Jesus died and rose again for us, because of His amazing love for us. We can sit here in fear over what this pandemic is doing to our lives, or we can sit here in faith and hope of what is to come. I won’t lie to you, I waver back and forth between faith and fear, but one thing I am saying more lately is, “I trust you Jesus.” He gave it all for me, for you, so why wouldn’t we give it all for Him

Be well.