I have been writing this blog in my head all day long. Why? Because the smooth days don’t make for interesting writing. Even now as I type, at 10:01 PM there is a man child talking in his sleep. Yes folks it has been that kind of day.

I should have known when I awoke from a very strange dream this morning that it was going to be that kind of day. Or maybe I should have realized it was going to be that kind of day because it was the first day of April vacation for the kiddos. Whatever the reason, I started my day later than usual, with a full morning planned, and as I thought about the things I needed to do, time slipped away. We needed to be out the door for OT by 9:30, 3 boys needed to be fed, dressed, I needed to shower and dry my hair(oh and get dressed), I needed to pack lunches, make a pizza, cut and sautee veggies, pack snacks, have two boys pack waiting room items, pack up the car, start a load of laundry and do dishes. Ummm…

So I realized my plan was a fail when I started making pizza dough at 9 and realized we had to leave in 30 minutes. I quickly chopped veggies, preheated the oven and started dishes. By 9:20, my hair was still wet and there were more dishes than I started with. At that point I decided that today was going to be an exercise in flexibility. I scrapped the idea of dishes and laundry, dried my hair, made a pizza(and made it good, no point in rushing it and making a bad one), packed up lunches and recruited my people to load bags into the car. My exact instructions were, “put this in the front seat.” When I walked out the door at 9:40(yeah I know, 10 minutes late), the bags were on the deck. This is called, distraction, as in, “mom told me to do something but I saw a –fill in the blank– and forgot what I was supposed to do.”

We made it to OT just in time, or 3 minutes late, which was just in time…our time… not our appointment time and as my 5 year old headed off to play I checked my phone and had a text from my sweet husband, “Hope you are having a good morning. Love you. ” I texted back, “I thought I was superwoman but alas I am not.” His response, “U are super in my eyes.” Aww, my sweet husband, who didn’t see me overscheduled this morning with dishes exploding from the sink and drying rack. No matter how many things are on my to do list, there are still 60 seconds in a minute and I realized that some things would just have to wait.

That’s when my day started to unravel. The pizza lunch I had just made to share with a friend got cancelled. No problem. The kids were starting to get grumpy and tired. Starting to… it wasn’t even 11am yet. And then the arguing all blessed day except for the 2 hours that one child was at a friends house. As soon as he returned, the bickering picked up where it had left off, as we headed to the friends house who had cancelled lunch.

Hang on, that sounded like a rant of complaining but that is not how I meant it to sound. I’m laughing at my day now that it is over because sometimes God throws us curve balls and I can’t make enough time to do all the chores I need to do, I just need to figure out where to squeeze them in. I enjoyed a beautiful picnic lunch outside with 2 of my guys and then begged my 5 year old to please do the dishes. He laughed at me and finally said ok, but I laughed, hugged him and said, “just kidding buddy” and he watched a show with his big brother, and right there was enough time to do the dishes and start the laundry. We took my friends poodle Rosie for a beautiful walk on a small beach and found sea glass, and just enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine and our doggy friend. I made an unbelievable smoothie with our pizza dinner and I got to laugh about my 7 year old congratulating me on finally making a smoothie that he liked and I got high fives all around the table. My 9 year old agreed and said, yeah there was one other good one… once… People, I make excellent smoothies, most of the time, but my kids are hard to win over in that department I guess. And when bed time arrived I was completely relieved to tuck my people into bed, snuggle with my 5 year old who loves my wedding song, grabs my face for kisses, and tells me to smell his skin(so weird), read with my 7 year old, and chat with my 9 year old who has been sick all week and totally enjoyable and cuddly to hang out with. Today was a crazy day, a 24 hour on shift day(for hubby at the station and for me at home), but a keeper of a day. Praying you all have a blessed Easter and remember, “Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!”

PS- I talk about my dishes A LOT. Thank you to anyone who has advocated for my need for a dishwasher to my hubby. But I promise, there is absolutely no way we could fit a dishwasher into our tiny kitchen, I am not deprived, I promise!!