Saturday in the fall. Leaves are crisp, air is cool, and everyone around me has plans, running here and there. I struggle with this. Husband is on a 24-so what should we do? Where should we go? We need to do something. But do we? No. We don’t. We can just be. We can play board games, fold laundry(that’s an I activity, not a we activity), read books, bake, play outside in our yard, play inside with toys. And no one is going to judge me for that. For just being. The only one judging me, is me. When I compare myself to others by looking at their calendar and then looking at mine. An activity packed calendar doesn’t make me any better or any worse of a person or a parent. A lot of time I get so caught up in the busy because of where I’ve been. When my adrenals crashed 4 years ago, I physically couldn’t do anything, not a darn thing. I wasn’t even allowed to go for a walk lasting more than 20 minutes. So as I have healed, a part of me measures my worth on what I have the energy to do.

And the truth is, it’s not that we aren’t doing enough- my to do list at home is long and there is plenty to be done- right here-right at home. Yes there is laundry, but let’s be realistic, that is the never ending chore, there are dishes, vacuuming, cleaning. More importantly, there is loving and leading- so that when my kids are grown- maybe they will see that there is value in a Saturday at home, not every Saturday- but when we can-why not? Happy Sabbath Day