Today my baby is 9. Can I still call him my baby? I don’t know how it happened-that he all of a sudden grew up. It feels like just yesterday (insert boomer voice) that I was overwhelmed by 3 little people constantly needing my presence and attention. Now my baby is 9 and could spend a whole day alone in his room listening to audio books and playing LEGO. Where has the time gone?

9 years ago today I walked into the hospital for my c-section. We knew this would be our last little baby. 9 years ago today a beautiful 9 pound baby was placed in my arms, holding a special place in my heart. 9 years later I’m still holding on to those snuggles, the hugs, the kisses.

9 years with my Logan Matthew.  This amazing little boy has grown at his own pace since day 1. He has overcome and persevered through every challenge that he has come up against from Early speech and motor delays To his recent diagnosis of learning disabilities and dyspraxia(a motor and coordination disorder) to his broken arm and surgeries that followed. Logan has kept us on our toes, but always filled with love and laughter.

So here’s to Logan on his 9th birthday. May you always hold on to your sense of awe and wonder about the world. Dream big and never let anyone make you believe you can’t do something. Let your big heart love big- your family, your friends, animals. Keep on creating, be it with LEGO, blocks, or a pencil and paper. Read and learn and grow and explore-the world Is yours and you can do great things. Laugh, your laughter is contagious and a gift to everyone around you-never lose your sense of humor. Remember how much your family loves you and then remember that God loves you even more.❤️🎉